Read Renova laser hair removal reviews to see what our current and previous clients are saying about us! At Renova Laser we believe in providing excellent value at a great price!

Renova Laser Hair Removal & MedSpa is the leader in providing laser hair removal treatments with highly skilled State of Texas Certified Practitioners. With years of experience and proficiency in providing highest level of care, Renova Laser is the leading provider of laser hair removal in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Woodlands, Kingwood, Clear Lake, and Webster with highly competitive pricing and excellent service. By surpassing all competitors in the market we believe in providing great value at a great price! Please contact us to schedule your free consultation session and learn more about our menu of service. We welcome you to shop our competitors before giving us a try. We are confident that we can wow you with our price, service, quality of care, and honesty.

Renova Laser Hair Removal Reviews:

Shaheen Tanoori: “Top five reasons that I recommend Renova Laser in Houston:

1. Price. *No* one can beat them in Houston.

2. This is a family and community business. The staff and practitioners work together like a family.

3. Each practitioner is extremely knowledgeable. They are technocrats, and I believe their precision derives from the fact that they are nurse practitioners

4. You’ve heard the term “bed-side manner”? The ladies at Renova Laser have emotions, communicate — and make a connection.

5. Did I mention price? This is the best value in the Houston Area, period, when you input all of the other variables: results, relaxation, transparent billing, customer service and care.

Rebecca Timely: -“Renova Laser staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The nurse laser specialist treating me is soooo friendly. Love to go see her. She’s great and very understanding. When I had a million questions and concerns, she answered a million + 1. Had a great experience.”

Joanna Sanders: “Love love love this place. Folks here are friendly and professional. Their prices are the best and out of this world. After all why would anyone want to pay 3 times as much elsewhere when you can get excellent service with professional staff at much lower cost at Renova Laser! I recommend Renova Laser for all the right reasons. Someone else introduced me to this business and I feel I owe it to do the same. Something this good deserves raving about. :)”

Anish Gowda: “Renova Laser has the perfect recipe of right price, wonderful service and giving clients excellent results for their treatments. As a south Asian with darker skin I was concerned whether I was a good candidate for the treatment. I found out having the right laser for each particular skin type is what matters. Renova Laser put me on the right machine and I am thrilled with my results. All praises to them for such good experience. You really don’t have to pay a lot to get the best. You just have to find the right place.”

Dora Lane: “I had done laser hair removal in Canada but moved to Houston 6 months ago and needed to find a place to finish my treatments. I read up quite a bit and narrowed my choices to 3 places and visited them all. I finally picked Renova Laser and after 2 treatments I am very happy with my decision. They offer excellent treatments at unbelievable prices. Their prices were almost half of what the other guys were going to charge me. On top of that I can make convenient appointment times which is a big plus for my busy work life. I want to give a big shout out to Renova Laser and their friendly staff for doing such a great job.”

Pardish Patel: “Getting laser hair removal is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I’ve always had lots of body hair, thanks to my Indian genes. Even after waxing I still had the hair shadows and less than a week later hair coming up again. it’s been 6 weeks since I did the laser treatment and I don’t see any hair! I still have 5 more sessions to go but I’m excited and satisfied already with these results. They also have some of the best prices in Houston. A place this good deserves talking about… Update: I went in for my 2nd treatment and still amazing! Love my smooth silky skin. Thanks again Renova Laser.”

Gabriel Martinez: “I’ve always been embarrassed by my body’s excessive hair. Shaving and waxing wasn’t an option anymore. I would shave and 2 days later I had stubbles coming out and it would itch and was so uncomfortable. Waxing was too painful and I would have to do it again in a month. I researched and finally took the leap of faith and went in for laser hair removal. Honestly it is was the best thing I could’ve done! I am so happy with the results and knowing I don’t have to worry about shaving or wax anymore. My friends at Renova Laser took good care of me. Always on time and patient with me and my schedule. I really like them and want to recommend them too. Go there and let them know Gabriel recommended you. I want them to know I really appreciate them and their prices. Best place to go hands down.”

John Hanover: “Let me just say wow! I had no idea it was this easy to get rid of unwanted hair. No discoloration, no pain, the whole thing was effortless! Great price too! I searched and search and search and finally decided to go to Renova Laser. Best decision I’ve ever made in such long time.”

Soni Kim: “We looked around and visited 4 different laser centers and finally picked Renova Laser to do my hair removal. Their prices were the best and they were really thorough with their consultation and made me really comfortable. I had my first session last week and I’m so happy I’m doing this. My sister will be starting her treatments next week also. I want to recommend Renova Laser for excellent prices and great service.”

Cindy Canalez: “RENOVA LASER ROCKS! Friendly employees, convenient parking, great prices and did I say friendly staff. I love this place. Always a friendly face to greet you and always give good treatment. I’m telling all my friends about this place.”

Emma Nicole: “Renova Laser has fabulous staff and excellent customer service. I went there for laser hair removal after doing tons of research and shopping around. And of course they have the very best price in Houston! I suggest shop around and at the very last give them a call and compare their prices with others. They are always 30 to 50% cheaper than others despite their excellent service and top of the line laser hair removal machines. I know this, because I’ve done my homework when wanting to do the laser hair removal.”

Liz Gomez: “Whoever thought getting laser hair removal would be so easy? I thought about it for a while and finally made the decision and went in for a consultation at Renova Laser. They made it so easy that I bought and started the treatment right away. I’m done with my treatments and feels great not having to shave or wax anymore! I’ve been telling all my girlfriends to do this ever since.”

Chelsea Arthur: “I’d been wanting to do laser hair removal for years, so have done my share of research of places that offered it in the Houston. When I came across Renova Laser on Yelp and Google, they were by far the least expensive laser clinic I’d found, and had so many raving reviews, I figured I’d give ‘em a shot. I’m so glad I did. The staff is so professional, friendly, and quick! I’m always amazed at how fast they are. While laser hair removal certainly does not feel good, it’s no worse than waxing. And the ladies here make it as comfortable as possible for you, always providing some distracting conversation through the entire process. I’ve been SO happy with the results. After using all of the sessions from the packages I initially purchased, I already went ahead and bought more for other areas.”

Russell Panahi: “This establishment demonstrates a company and a group of people who know what they’re doing! They specialize in laser hair removal and I believe are the best in their field. I have had an amazing experience so far. They are professional during treatment, answered all of my questions before I started my treatments. I will undoubtedly be telling all of my friends about Renova Laser and referring them as much as possible. As far as the quality of the lasers go… I have only had 2 treatments thus far and I am happily amazed with the results. Thanks, Renova Laser!”

Sara Rezvani: “My friend Susan introduced me to Renova Laser since she was already a client there. I really liked my experience. I got laser hair removal for me and my mom. They gave both of us very good prices and we both got started with our treatments same day. I had done laser treatment for my legs at another spa last years and was not happy with them at all. The experience with Renova Laser has been totally different I am very happy with my decision. If you are thinking about doing treatment on different areas ask about their full body special.”

Kelly Donaldson: “Today I’ve finished all of my laser hair removal treatments; I recommend Renova Laser as the only place to go. Every esthetician I’ve met has been very kind, professional and knowledgeable. I commend Renova Laser for the professionalism and the way they treat their clients with respect. Their services are very reasonably priced and much cheaper than every other medspas I’ve visited. They are very honest and will do everything to earn your business. They get five stars from me.”

Benjamin Goldwater: “I went to Renova Laser to get laser hair removal treatments on my back. I have done 5 out of my 6 treatments so far and I must say that I’m impressed with the results! I certainly recommend Renova Laser to anyone wanting laser hair removal to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. They get an A+ Mark in excellent customer service and price from me.”

Ashley Ngyuen: “I went in to do laser treatment on my bikini and underarms but ended up buying their full body package. Their prices are 1/3rd the other ones I went to. They use top of the line specific laser and I did my research on that. I am happy with the 2 treatments I’ve had so far and I’ve lost more than 50% of my hair. Looking forward to finishing my sessions and I will write an update in a month or so. This is sooo cool :)”

Ann Thompson: “A welcoming place, Renova Laser is a true gem in mid-town Houston. The people there are always attentive and take their time to answer any and all questions. I certainly recommend Renova Laser to anyone wanting permanent hair removal solution at an affordable price.”